London remains one of the major financial centres of the world. Flotations in London are complex even on the smaller capital listing exchange AIM.  We consult with companies moving towards an IPO on AIM, providing professional advice and presentation requirements.

Many companies try to float before they are ready as the image of AIM is that of a friendly, easier exchange for smaller businesses. In reality, floating and raising funds on AIM remains complex, detailed and competitive but AIM remains an attractive market.

There are many businesses across the world which, properly presented, would be attractive to the AIM market, and to investors and professionals in London.  Damson Communications works with such companies to ensure they are properly presented in London.

We can, if needed, suggest a professional services team of affiliated broker, NOMAD and consultants.

Damson works across AIM on PR and Investor Relations for:

  • Investment vehicle Black Swan plc
  • Chinese Media Distribution company PCG Entertainment plc
  • Gold trading and acquisition vehicle Wishbone Gold plc