The Estate of John Hoyland

Abigail Stuart-Menteth and her team at Damson PR worked for the estate of John Hoyland over a crucial period.  The world class quality of the work in the estate post John’s death had for some years been overlooked. Damson’s help in strategically raising the profile of John Hoyland’s body of work across the UK and International  press has been invaluable.

The support of Damson was integral to the fantastic coverage of John Hoyland’s paintings as the inaugural exhibition at Damien Hirst’s extraordinary Newport Street Gallery. This required expertise, experience, collaboration and discretion, all of which Damson PR offered in abundance.

I can’t recommend Damson highly enough, for their arts expertise,  for their professionalism in all respects and also for their sensitivity and sound advice.

PCG Entertainment plc

Too often PR firms cover a single sector where they are pitching the same tired story to the same (tired) journalists. Because Damson PR has a spread of clients in different industries and sectors of those industries this helps generate interest and ideas in different fields. Thus instead of journalists thinking “oh no not that story again” it is a case of wondering what is coming next.

When we floated our Chinese media business last year, Damson PR achieved the best coverage I have ever had for an IPO. This included television spots for the CEO and the actual launch at the London Stock Exchange.

Coates and Scarry

Damson exceeded our expectations by managing every aspect of PR for our brand allowing us to focus on our core business activity. With an excellent knowledge of the arts and associated press the team used established media contacts to secure relevant exposure on local and national radio, paper press and social media networks. All press coverage was very well written, engaging and promoted our brand to a targeted audience.

Ian Rank Broadley

Abigail Stuart-Menteth is extremely professional to work with and has an intuitive understanding of her client’s needs when it comes to public relations. I have found her contribution to my business invaluable and have no hesitation in recommending her services wholeheartedly to prospective clients.